Arabic 1
UN: boosker
PW: baba


Due Friday 5/29
Pre write your school schedule, classes, period, teacher

Due Thursday 5/28
1) Finish writing introduction section and family section of your letter

2) Review geography:
Due Wednesday 5/27

Complete your exam review schedule.
Begin by reviewing introductions.
Pre-write your introduction for your letter.

Due Tuesday 5/26
Exam Day 6/2 @ 11AM
You should be reviewing every day from now until the exam. Little bits over a long period of time!

Create an exam review schedule
A. Start by generating a list of all the topics we have studied this year. (The list as I wrote it is 11 items long, yours may be longer or shorter)
B. The exam will include reading and writing (and speaking is helpful for both)
C. For each topic and each skill, decide whether you are strong, shaky, or lost.
D. List these topics on a separate page starting with Shaky, then Strong, then Lost
E. Generate a list of study strategies you will use (writing lists, repetition, flashcards, quiz a partner, make a quiz, etc.)
You will want to spend most of your time reviewing the Shaky items and then work on mastering the Lost.

Due Friday 5/22
ILS demo
Due Thursday 5/21
3 questions that you can ask-
اذهب الى
Places we go (2)
I live

I study--ادرس
Due Tuesday 5/19
Review vocabulary for introductions and family and "I like"

انا احب

Family Intro sample
Family vocab:

Due Friday 5/15
Make observations about funny elements of the assessment.
Review "topics" and "tips"
Due Thursday 5/14
Familiarize yourself with this website
Due Tuesday 5/12
Food quiz- You must be able to label the major foods in writing and describe what you like/ don't like

Due Monday 5/11
Find the names of several Arab restaurants in DC near your home or in a neighborhood you go to frequently

Due Friday 5/8
Write 4 sentences in Arabic
2 sentences saying what you like to eat/ drink
2 sentences saying what you do not like to eat/ drink

Due Thursday 5/7
Make note cards for the food and drinks vocabulary

Due Tuesday 5/5
Food Vocabulary- Listen and repeat
Due Monday 5/4
Clothing 2
@ 1:20 a review of the colors
Due Thursday 4/30
Study Colors and Clothes (Quiz Friday- dictations, speaking)
Due Tuesday 4/28
1) Read the page distributed in class. Look for familiar words.
2) List all the colors you find on a separate page
3) Find 1 word that you see repeated and guess its meaning

Due Monday 4/27
Is what you wear a moral question? Is it a question of right vs wrong or simply a question of preference?
Is "inappropriate" the same as "morally objectionable"? why or why not?
Explain your answers with detailed examples and an explanation of why the examples demonstrate your point.

Due Friday 4/24
Can you tell something about someone based on what they wear? How? Give several examples of how you can tell and several examples of how you cannot tell.Min: 2 paragraphs with examples of yes and no
Due Thur 4/23
React to the article. Do you agree or disagree? Why? (at least 2 paragraphs responding to the author's ideas.
Due Tue 4/21
Summarize the article by writing a title for each paragraph and underlining an important quote. Paraphrase the quote.

Due Monday 4/20
Summarize the article by writing a title for each paragraph and underlining an important quote. Paraphrase the quote.
Due Friday 4/17
1) New vocabulary: Clothing 2
2) Watch the videos/ check out the blogs and learn about different ways of wearing the hijaab/ ghutra
Different styles of clothes in Saudi Arabia
Different styles of Ghotra (men's head scarf)
Videos and pictures for doing different styles __
Due Thursday 4/16
Find 2 pictures (1 man and 1 woman) and describe what they are wearing in writing using colors and clothes. Separate page. Will be collected.
New vocabulary: Clothing 2
Due Tuesday 4/14
Write vocabulary dictations from the Youtube. Listen and repeat and write vocabulary words. Separate page. Will be collected.
Due Monday 4/13
Review Colors Vocabulary

Due Friday 4/10
Practice colors vocabulary writing and pronouncing

Use the YouTube if you'd like
@ 1:20 a review of the colors

Due Thursday 4/9
Wadjda Discussion questions. Choose 1 and answer the question in detail using several scenes from the movie as evidence

Due Friday 3/27
Write notes for the discussion questions distributed in class today.
If you are not in class on Friday because of testing, you must finish the movie on your own and submit the questions after break
"Wadjda" is available on amazon and perhaps on netflix as well

Due Thursday 3-26 Only for those in class tuesday
What questions do you have? Which scenes are you curious about?

Due next class
Summary of the film so far. What do you expect to happen next?
Due Monday 3-23:
Writing Assignment, Write down "I live in" including:
-Your address.
-what city, neighborhood, street
-House/ Apt/ Building
-Large/ small
-close to school?
-What else is close/ far (at least 3 things)

Due Next Class
Discussion questions.

Friday in Class

Due Friday 3/20
Tomorrow you will watch a film about a girl in Saudi Arabia.
Explore your preconceptions and stereotypes by answering the following questions:
What do you expect will be the subject of the film?
What do you expect to see?- describe the scenery/ clothing/ food/ etc.
What do you think will happen?
Will the story be optimistic (hopeful) or pessimistic (hopeless)?

Due Thursday 3/19
Make flashcards for the new vocabulary

Check out this video: New vocabulary:

Due Tuesday 3/17
Make a video for "I live" including-
-Your address, telephone number
-what city, neighborhood, street
-House/ Apt/ Building
-Large/ small
-close to school?
-What else is close/ far (at least 3 things)
Partial sample:
Due Monday 3/16
Wirte your address and phone number in Arabic using the vocabulary from class today.
Study neighborhood vocabulary.

Due Friday 3/13
Continue writing the description of your neighborhood by saying where you live and what is close to and far from your house

Due Thursday 3/12
Describe in writing:

where you live انا اسكن في

what neighborhood منطقة

what street شارع

Due Tuesday 3/10
Describe what is near your house with 5 sentences using the vocabulary you know and the phrase

قريب من بيتي


قريب من بيتي مدرسة

Due Thursday 3/5
Write 5 sentences in Arabic describing why you go to certain places.
Eg. I am sick, I go to the doctor.

Places we go (2)

Due Tuesday 3/3

practice dictations with a partner or YouTube. Write words on a blank page
practice pronunciation with YouTube
Places we go (2)

Due Monday 3/2
Response: What is culture? Categorize the examples we discussed in class.
How do we know what culture is? What makes it easy/ hard to know what a culture is?
Review vocabulary:
Places we go (2)
Due Friday 2/27
Quiz on Classroom objects and verbs

Check this out: Classroom objects:
Check this out: Verbs :
Due Thursday 2/26
1) Listen to the weather report. Write all the countries you hear. Listen for weather types. Try to find the words for North, South, East, West
Advanced Novice

2) Review the classroom objects and verbs

Due Tuesday 2/24
1) Review classroom vocabulary. (Reading, Writing, Speaking)

2) Reading- Do the reading you did not do on the weekend
Reading 1

Reading 2
Due Monday 2/23
Reading- Look for words you know and try to discover the meaning of new words
Reading 1

Reading 2

Listening from class
Advanced Novice
Due Friday 2/20

1) Redo Quiz
2) 3 new words using context
3) Find familiar words on website

Due Tuesday 2/17
Study days of the week and weather. QUIZ TUESDAY
Know how to read, write, and pronounce the days of the week and the weather.
Use YouTube videos and notes from class to study.
Days of the week
Weather/ seasons vocabulary

Due Friday 2/13
Daily weather report written in Arabic.
You may print an Arabic weather report, or make one up, or translate an english weather report

Due Thursday 2/12
Write your daily school schedule in Arabic including:
-days of the week
-names of the classes
-names of the teachers

Due Tuesday 2/10
Study the days of the week
Learn how to write the days of the week
Due Mon 2/9
Shehab Group:
Unit5 - Drill 12

Porcelli Group:
1) Complete connection portion of quiz
2) Complete 1 set of practice drills according to the letters you selected in class Friday

Due Friday 2/6
Shehab Group:
Unit 4- Drill 8
Porcelli Group
187-88 drill 9

Due Thursday 2/5:

Shehab Group:
Distinguishing letters Drill 5- Unit 8

Porcelli Group:
Disconnecting letters p. 129
Disconnect all the words containing taa, Taa, seen and Sad

Due Tuesday 2/3

Shehab Group:
Identifying letters Drill 8-Unit 5.
Porcelli Group:
Connecting drill p.109/110

Due Monday 2/2
No Homework
In Class 2/2- 2/6
2 groups- Dictations/ Distinguishing Similar Sounds

Due Thursday 1/29
Practice Quiz in class Thursday
Due Tuesday 1/27
Review vocabulary unit 7
Due Monday 1/26
Unit 7 vocabulary "formal"
Next week: reading and writing quiz- dictation and reading aloud
In class Friday:
Unit 7 drill 9, 10, 11
Reading p.111
Due Friday 1/23
Unit 6 drill 8, 10
Due Monday 1/19
1) Teach your friends/ family to write their name in Arabic. Focus on using the correct letters and connecting them properly
2) If you did not finish reading a writing the vocabulary from class, complete the worksheet

Due Friday 1/16
1) Write the name of a place, person, company, band etc. in Arabic transliteration
2) Write 3-5 vocabulary words in Arabic letters
Due Mon 1/12
Unit 6 Drill 22-
Listen to the words and circle the word you hear in the book. The difference will be 1 letter. Make sure you can recognize all the letters and distinguish between similar sounds.

Due Friday 1/9
Write 3 questions for Mr. Shehab
Study weather vocabulary

Due Thursday 1/8
Weather/ seasons vocabulary

Check out:
New Year in Dubai

Due Tuesday 1/6/2015
Bring your book to class

Due Friday 12/19
Watch the video:
Follow-up to Jack's presentation:

a) Email a question

b) check out the web

c) think and write about how leadership and communication connects with your work at school and in Arabic

Due Thursday 12/18
Drill 10, 14 unit 5
Questions for visitor

Due Tuesday
Unit 5 drill 4,5
Due monday 12/15
Unit 4 Drill 10, 11

Due 12/10
Unit 4
Drills 9, 10
Due 12/9
Unit 3
Drills 1,2,4,5

Due 12/8
Drills 11, 13
Remember: Dictation means write what you hear using Arabic letters
Remember: Connecting letters- chop the tails, make a space after any non-connectors

Unit 2 Drills 8 and 10
Write the short vowels above and below the words.
If you need to review how to write the short vowels see pages 34-38
If you need to review how to write baa, taa, thaa see pages 24-28
Bring Alif Baa to Class

Lemon Tree Discussion Questions

Practice writing the vocabulary words. Try to identify individual letters (sounds) in each word as you write.

Writing worksheet- practice writing the words and discover which words are on the worksheet.

Practice Vocabulary- make sure you can recognize the letters
اذهب الى
Writing worksheet
Presentations tomorrow in class
Due 11-13
Review vocabulary for places we go
اذهب الى
Use your ears and eyes to discover the letters in the new words you have learned. Do not use any other resources.
example kaf is for keneesa
Due 11-11
Review Vocabulary:
اذهب الى

Due 11-10
Prepare a short presentation (3 minutes max) about an Arabic speaking country. Use the embassy websites as a resource. These will be presented in class on Friday 11/14
The presentation must include:

1) The name of the country in Arabic and the name of its capital
2) A few facts about the country
3) Features of the country for which it is famous (focus on anything you like- eg. food, sites, music, celebrities, traditions, languages, ethnic groups, geography...)
4) Visuals of one kind or another

Due 11-7
Quiz on Map. ID 20 countries. P. 13 in the text and Drill 3 unit 1 on the CD or Website

Due 11-6
Companion website: Using Drill 3 in Unit 1 (or another resource) learn 10 new country names and locations for tomorrow.

Due 11-4
Learn the 10 countries on the map from class.

Due 11-3
2 Lists
1) Arabic speaking countries
2) Countries in the Middle East that do not speak Arabic

Due 10-30
Reflection on the video project.
Respond, at length (at least 1 paragraph each) to the following questions:

1) DId you find success while creating this project? When? What led to this success?
2) What challenges did you face while creating the project? How did you overcome those challenges?
3) In what ways was creating this project similar to learning a new language? How does creating a video project help us to learn a new language?

Video project due 10/28

Due 27-10
Final Draft Video Project- Final video to be submitted on Tuesday

Due 24-10

Review the rubric and designate 1 section you need to work on. Make a plan for your work tomorrow

Due 22-10
Email me 2 vocabulary words you would like to know to enhance your video project. The words must be in my box by 8:00 AM Wednesday.

Due 21-10
Draft of 1 section of the video

Due 20-10
Review Vocabulary

Write an outline of your video project.

Due 16-10
I study--ادرس

Review vocabulary-

Due 14-10
Textbook work UNIT 2 Drill 2,3,4 (remember you need to complete the practice before doing the drills)
Review vocabulary

Due 10-10
Bring textbook to class and review the reading from last week xiii-ix and 2-9
Vocabulary Review:

Hajj Doc:
Due 8-10
Textbook work
Separate page
1) Observations
2) Drill 2,3,4
3) Comprehension questions

Due 3- 10
Textbook work tomorrow in class
Due 2-10
Record an introduction of 2 family members (1 male 1 female) include age, from, likes.
Family Intro sample

Due 30-9
Family vocabulary

Due 29-9

Use unit 1 to review pronunciation of the letters
UN: bookser
PW: baba
Due 26-9
Be ready to demonstrate your knowledge of the Arabic alphabet in class

Due 24-9
Learn the names of the letters of the Arabic alphabet

different video w/o music...longer but with clear pronunciation and examples of words. Drop the -un endings for the name
Due 23-9
Show that you have learned the dialogue by recording it with a partner.

Due 22-9
Learn the dialogue between 2 imagined people (John, Jaime)

-Amreeka Question Follow-up (for students who were in class Friday)
  1. 3 "do you think Muna and Fadi's experience was typical of immigrants coming to the US?" Why/ Why not?
--Further your response to the question and include answers to the next 2
a. What, specifically, made the experience typical or a-typical? (mention specific scenes and analyze what makes them typical/ a-typical)
b. Is the way they are treated justified? Why/ why not?

Due 17-9
Discussion questions-
Focus on adding details, explaining and developing your thoughts.

Due 16-9
Discussion questions- focus, in particular, on providing detailed responses with specific references to scenes we saw today. Also, focus on the elements of Arab/American culture you saw today

Due Monday 15-9
Discussion questions from the movie Amreeka
Due Firday 12-9
Record an introduction of 2 other people (1 male 1 female).
-Age (if you can)
-Where they are from
-What they like

Due Thursday 11-9
1) Prepare a new introduction video. Include your age and where you are a student.

-Name - Age - Where from - What you like - your age - your school

2) Continue to review #'s
Video 1 #'s
Video 2 #'s

Due Tuesday 9-9
1) Study and learn numbers

Due Monday 9-8
Write a follow up to your discussion in class.
Choose the question(s)/ topic that was most interesting to you. Explain why it was interesting and then react to the statements of your classmates by agreeing/ disagreeing explaining or expanding what they said.
-->You must reference the comments of other classmates in your writing and connect their comments to your ideas

Due Friday 9-5
Write 1 paragraph per question to respond to the following 3 questions.

1) Why study Arabic? (Why should anyone study Arabic? Why have you decided to study?)
2) How do people learn languages? (How do you think you will learn Arabic? How do people come to learn a language?)
3) What are some preconceptions people have about Arabs and the Arab world? (When you think of Arabic or Arabs, what ideas/ associations come to mind?)

Due Thursday 9-4
A. Record an introduction of yourself. Describe in Arabic:
1) Your name
2) Where you are from
3) Something you like (using the Arabic vocabulary)

B. Review

انا احب

Due Tuesday 9-2
Study Vocabulary:

انا احب

Due Friday 29-8
Practice writing your name in Arabic
Be able to Identify each of the letters in your name (by sound)

Due Thursday 28-8
1) Look up how to write your name in Arabic (ask a friend or use the internet).
-->Come to class prepared to recognize your name written in Arabic

Due Wednesday 27-8
1) Quiz on Syllabus tomorrow
2) Teach someone how to introduce themselves in Arabic

Due Tuesday 26 - 8 - 2014:
1) Review Syllabus

2) Sign Photo Release Form and Syllabus Form

3) Teach someone who is not in our class something you learned from today



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