Complete Part 3 of the stuy guide packet! Study your vocab flash cards.

Study your flashcards. Finish part 2 of the review packet.

Study your flashcards for homework. Finish part 1 of the review packet. Read part 2 of the review packet.

Finish your notecards if you have not yet done so. Write each vocabulary word on the front and Arabic on the back. Study your vocab for vocab victory tomorrow. I'm going to rename this game
مفردات المفضلة.

Read Part 1 of my review packet. We will work on vocab and part 1 of the packet tomorrow.

Finish Five Broken Cameras and complete the viewing guide I passed out in class. We finished up till minute 57:40. The link to the film is below. We will discuss the film in class tomorrow.


Alpha, 4/28
This assignment should be written in English. We are going to translate the sentences you write about yourself into Arabic in class on Monday. Your homework is to write a paragraph about yourself. It should contain the following:
Where, and what year you were born.
Where your parents are from.
How long you have lived in DC.
Three sentences about yourself (likes, dislikes, etc).

Alpha, 4/25
Describe your extracurricular schedule. Use the days of the week in Arabic, then use the verb كان in the present, or مضارع.

Tuesday, 4/12
Please read the article below and be ready for discussion. We will discuss the article during the second half of our double.


Monday, 4/11
Complete the packet handed out in class. We will review the packet together in class on Monday, 4/11. Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 4/6
Finish the last paragraph of the worksheet.

Tuesday, 4/5
Change your answers from first person to masculine and feminine. Keep your answers in the past! And welcome back.

Wednesday, 3/23
Answer the question:
ماذا تفعلُ اليوم؟
Write down three responses. Use the present first person form!

Monday, 3/21
Complete the worksheets handed out in class on Thursday, 3/17. We will go over the worksheets together in class on Monday. Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 3/15
Prepare a script for your partner. Prepare three questions and three responses. Your partner will do the same. Use what we have learned the past two weeks.
ماذا تحب؟ من اي بلد انت؟
This assignment should be handwritten, so no need to share and print.

Monday, 3/14
Below is a link to "The Prison Cell," by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. Read the poem and write three paragraphs about the poem. A paragraph is 4-5 sentences. Write your thoughts and impressions. What is the poem about? We will discuss this poem as well as art in the Middle East on Monday. This will be graded as a project.



Thursday, 3/10
List three artists from the country assigned to you. For each artist, find the year of their birth and death, list three of their works, and write your impression of their work. Print and share.

Wednesday, 3/9
Find three pictures of the capital of your country assigned. Write a sentence detailing each picture and its significance. Share and print.

Tuesday, 3/8
Find five historical facts on the country assigned to you in class. Print facts and share before class. Facts will be discussed in class.

The things we take for granted, check out this problem in Lebanon!