Link to the videos
For practice reading:
Due Wednesday 16-5
Vocabulary list for your chosen text

Due Friday 11-5
Using the questions below, review vocabulary from the book. Choose 10 words from our vocab this year that could be used in response to the questions.

Due Wednesday 9-5
Review the following English questions.

On Wednesday in class you will be have interviews with classmates based on these questions.
a. think about words you already know that you did not use and you wished you had used
b. think about how to be more specific
c. think about words you wished you knew

Due Wednesday 2-5
Prep for AAPPL

Due Monday 30-4
Prep for AAPPL
1. Choose vocabulary from our textbook that will be helpful on the test (25 words)- write sentences with each word
2. Predict questions you might have on the test and write/ speak answers. You might also want to review the sample questions (you have 3 sets of samples
3. complete a demo

link is here:
Due Monday 23-4
Prep for your conversation on monday by reviewing the questions
Due Friday 20-4
Using the bottom of the page as a prompt- write at least 8 questions you could ask.

انا من الاردن اريدك ان تسألني بعض الاسئلة عن بلدي.
لو سمحت اسأل عني بعض الاسئلة.
ماذا تريد ان تعرف عن مدرستي؟
ما هي الاسئلة الخرى التي تريد ان تسألها؟
Due Thursday 19-4
No new assignment. Make sure you have a recording ready for tomorrow

Due Wednesday 18-4
1. add 1-3 adjectives describing "how are you" by using google
2. Listen to and answer the sample questions. Respond and record your response

Due Thursday 12-4
Answer the last two lines of questions. Make a recording to compare to your first recording from the weekend.
Due Wednesday 11-4
Answer the first two lines of questions (4 questions total). Make a recording to compare to your first recording from the weekend.
Due Monday 9-4
شهر - month
فصل - season
Listen to the question and record your best answer. Do not use translator before your first answer. After recording you may look up the words you want to know.
Due Friday 6-4
AAPPL demo if you'd like to begin practice
Due Thursday 5-4
In just a few weeks we will complete the AAPPL assessment.
1. What are your goals for this assignment?
2. What kinds of practice would you like to complete in order to prepare for the AAPPL.

As you set your goals you may want to review the website and the topics that will be covered on the assessment.
Remember, we do not complete the writing portion of the test

Due Monday 19-3
Prepare for interview by reading the questions:
After you have read the question, decide which text(s) respond to the question. *use comprehension questions if you need review!
You may want to make a list of vocabulary relevant to each question.

Due Friday 16-3
Continue working on your writing (drafts due next Tuesday)
Begin preparing for your interview with mr. Hamd
Due Thursday 15-3
Brainstorm topics you would like to write about for the end of Q3
Gather vocabulary for your writing (minimum 25 words)

Due Wednesday 14- 3
Listening "Arab women in society"
1. Listen again to the first 2:30
2. Complete questions 1 and 2 on the worksheet handed out in class. You will have to decide on the meaning of the questions before answering. The questions are not easy to understand.

Due Monday 12- 3

Written response- "do men and women in the US play the same role? Do they enjoy the same rights?"
Use this as a practice writing assignment for your writing at the end of Q3. Use vocabulary words and structures from the text!

Due Thursday 8-3
No Homework
Due 6-3
"Do Men and Women in the US play the same role? Do they enjoy the same rights?"
a. Write the question in Arabic using vocabulary you know
b. Write some bullet points in Arabic that begin to answer the question

Due 28/2
Study for comprehensive vocabulary quiz on chapter 4.
Due 26/2
Reflections on class mid-quarter. Please complete on a separate page. You may write as much as you feel the question warrants. Please write complete answers (not simply yes/no)

Due 23/2
Vocab review Texts 1,2,3 ch. 4
1. Flashcards/ memrise
2. Arabic definitions
3. Sentences/ start writing a portion of your response to ch. 4

Due 22/2
Write a summary of text 3 in Arabic
Due 20/2
Complete the comprehension questions for Text 3 chapter 4

Due 16/2
Re- Read Text 3. Try to answer the questions at the end of the text (In Arabic).

Due 15/2
Zoe will create a memrise (inshaallah)
Use memrise (or another method) to review the new vocabulary
Due 14/2
Review/ study new vocabulary- Work on pulling the roots, defining in Arabic, making notecards, writing sentences etc.
James will make the Memrise on Tuesday.

Due 12/2
Set a timer for 15 minutes.
Write in response to the prompt in Arabic. You may use the organizer from class as well as vocabulary lists.

Using vocabulary and phrases from text 1 and 2 describe the role of women in US society in the past and in modern day. In what fields must we increase women’s participation?

—> As a part of your writing you may agree/ disagree or reference what the first 2 texts have said.
Due 9/2
1. Write- what would you need to make your writing better, faster, more clear. Explain what you need and what you think we can do to improve your writing
2.Optional: Edit- you may finish your writing or edit what you wrote. Please indicate the changes using a mark or a different color
Due 8/2
Translate the last 2 lines of p.40 and the first 2 lines of 41

Due 7/2
1. Review vocabulary
2. Prepare to ask and answer the questions that activate vocabulary for this chapter

Due 5/2
Answer the comprehension questions for text 2
Don't forget to be reviewing vocabulary!

Due 2/2
a. Spend some time reviewing the vocabulary from today. You can use memrise or your own method
b. In a few sentences in Arabic, guess what might the text say based on the new vocabulary.

Due 1/2
We are going to start text 2 tomorrow. Begin by marking words you know.
On 29/1

Due 26/1
a. Complete the comprehension questions from class
b. Write a summary of the text in Arabic

Due 25/1
Vocabulary review
-use memsie -make flashcards- make gestures -define in Arabic - pull the roots- make sentences - draw pictures

Due 24/1
Due 22/1
Final draft of your writing for Ch.8

Due 18/1
Your interview with Mr. Hamd will be tomorrow.
Be sure to review vocabulary for Ch.8 and prepare some sample questions and answers for the interview. Think about what you will want to ask him and what you hope he will ask you.

Some sample questions are here:

Due by Monday 15/11
Draft of your writing
NOTE: you should also be reviewing vocabulary and preparing for your interview with mr. hamd

Due 11/1
20 vocabulary words you will use for your writing
Due 10/1
a. Re-read the texts from our chapter "religion and society"
b. decide on a topic about which you would like to write for your final assessment for Q2. (ex. religious freedom, diversity, importance of religious texts, conflicts, reform, rights, etc...)

Due 8/1
a. Your news article from
b. Vocabulary from your book

Due 4/1
1. Choose 2 images (either from break or 2017) and write short headlines to summarize.
2. Continue to work on your news story if you did not finish the questions (where, what, and highlighted words' meanings)

Due 20/12
Set a timer. Spend at least 15 minutes reviewing the chapter (vocab, reading, listening, summarizing)
Due 19/12
Set a timer. Spend at least 15 minutes reviewing the chapter (vocab, reading, listening, summarizing)
Due 18/12
Set a timer. Spend at least 15 minutes reviewing the chapter (vocab, reading, listening, summarizing)

Due 14/12
Write the roots for the 5 words you selected from the text

Due 13/12
Listen to and read Text 5 ch. 8
Mark the words you know
Due 11/12
Summarize Text 4 ch. 8 in Arabic
Define the 3 abrahamic religions (briefly) in Arabic

Due 8/12
Finish the reading from today in class
pp.1-5 and 8-13
Due 7/12
Mark the words you know in text 5

Due 6/12
Arabic definitions for old vocabulary

Due 4/12
Finish your written reflections about the "girl power" article

Due 11-30
Watch the intro video:

Due 11-29
Look at the following cartoon.
1. Translate the questions to Arabic and answer in Arabic

2. Read the caption and look for words you know. Who are the people in the Cartoon? What is the problem?

This week in Class
M: Summary and discussion Ch. 8 Text 1 part 1
W: New vocabulary and Text 1 part 2
R: Vocabulary defined, summary + discussion
F: Porcelli out. Quiz on part 2 vocabulary. Reading/ Translation

Due 11-15
Listen to and read p.94- Mark the words you know

Due 11-16
Define new vocabulary words in Arabic

Due 11-17
Porcelli out- study vocabulary for quiz

Due 11-20
Read text 1 part 2 out loud and record your voice
Translate the first 2 sentences of text 2 part 1

Ch. 1 vocabulary