Spring 2018

John Kerry John Kerry's speech
Watch: Netanyahu's Response

Due Tuesday 5-15
Read: UN 2334- Would you vote for or against or would you abstain (not vote)

Due tuesday 5-8
Read NYT settlements article
NYT Settlements
Think about how the pictures relate to the text.
Come ready to discuss questions and comments you have about the article.
Due Tuesday 5-1
Visit to Nat Geo tomorrow
View the Guide
Blog post Due Friday April 27

Due Thursday 26-4
Read the Documents about Zionism

Due Friday 20/4
Prepare question 3
Due Thursday 19/4
Begin drafting your blog. You may create an outline if you would like.

On Google Drive, you will find a folder of blog posts written in response to the movie and the interview with the director. These posts were created by students in my class a few years ago.

Your assignment is to create a blog post in response to the film. This could be a visual art piece (photo/ drawing) a short vlog, or a written piece.
You must use visuals and text to deliver your message.

Your text should be between 250 and 500 words. It must include a general summary of the film, your major takeaway(s) from the film, and specific scenes which evidence your conclusion. Your writing should include at least 2 images.

This assignment is due electronically by the end of the day 4.27

Due Tuesday 17/4

Finish:This is My Land
PW: myland
1. Watch for examples of "imbalance" or "ignoring the other"
2. Decide which of the schools seem best and which seem most problematic. Why?

Due Thursday 12/4
Questions 10-12 about our visitors. Please choose quotes and write commentary:
a. summary of the quote
b. your reaction
c. how does this quote relate to other quotes or ideas we have studied?

Due Tuesday 10/4
Tomorrow in class: discussion of guest speaker.
Due Monday 9/4
Questions for visitors
Due Friday 6/4
No new assignment - visitors coming Monday

Due Wednesday 4/4
Rewatch: Mountain top
Choose 3 points of the speech.
1. What is the literal history he is referencing? (What was actually happening in the US?)
2. How might his comment reflect the religious stories of Easter or Passover?

Due Tuesday 3/20
1. Outlines of "Mapping" due on Thursday
2. Prepare yourself to watch 5 broken cameras

a. read some of the comments/ reviews online (available on amazon and in other places)

b. Decide on your focus for the film. You will be writing a response to the question "Is this film propaganda?" What information will you need in order to decide?

Due Friday-3-16
Keep working on your outline. You will want to begin typing them soon as they will be due next week
Due Thursday 3-15
Group your notes and title the categories.

Due Monday 3-12
Listen to the "mapping story" Act 1 (~30 min)
(scroll down, click the play button on Act 1 on the left)

Due Thursday 8-3
No Homework
What do you think of the wall (video from class)
Due 3-5
Finalize your outlines (due Thursday)
Due 3-2
Continue work on your outline
Due 3-1
a. Type your notes from class and organize them into categories.
Note: you may want to listen to the program again or use the transcript

b. Begin to structure your notes in order of importance and detail.
Note 2: You do not need to select a style of outline yet.

Request: Please print your work before class.

Due 2-27
Listen to the radio report we will use in class tomorrow (press play top left)
Link for Class Tomorrow

Due 2-26
Read about the arrangements made during the Oslo Accords
Summarize the information that Guy gives us about Oslo
Due 2- 22

Read the text about Psgat Zeev

Due 2-19
P. 54-57 - should guy make the purchase? why/ why not? write a paragraph defending your opinion
Due 2-16
Choose a person at the checkpoint and write a report from his/ her perspective (2-3 paragraphs is plenty)
Due 2-15
Reading in October

Due 2-13
Reading in September
Due 2-12
Set your appointment with a teacher. Be sure to cc me on your email
Due 2-9
Rank the stakeholders according to your own system.
Write about which stakeholder is highest and which is lowest and WHY you ranked them that way.
Due 2-8
Read the article about the marathon.

Identify the stakeholders, their claim, and their evidence.

Due 2-6
Find more information about E. Jerusalem and W. Jerusalem from "August"

Due 2-5
Choose a theme from below. Find 3 scenes/ pages from "August" that are examples of this theme:
a. Insider/ Outsider- Culture Shock
b. Daily life and... (politics, religion, history)
c. Layers/ diversity of the city

Due 2-1
1. Close Reading "August"
2. Choose 3 scenes/ pages/ series of pages to analyze using the matrix below

Due 1-31
1. What was the bias/ perspective of the film?
2. Write a possible thesis for the entire film. What information is it trying to reveal? What is its focus?
3. (optional) what is a possible sub-thesis of the film? What side points is it trying to deliver?
Due 1-26

a. -->Make observations and draw inferences. What might the author want us to know about Jerusalem or about his text before we start reading?
b. --> Write a paragraph introduction to the text based on the first 5 pages and the cover.
Due 1-25
No new Assignment

Due 1-23
Ask a family member or friend the following questions:
?- What comes to mind when you think of Jerusalem?
?- If you could travel to Jerusalem, would you go? Why/ why not?

Due 1-18
IDs portion of the final on Thursday during class. You will choose 6 IDS to complete
While I will not give you a list of possible IDs, the categories are:
1. Historical Events
2. Places/ People
3. Social movements


Due 1-16
The following topics are the essay questions for the exam.
a. Choose the topic that is most interesting to you
b. Choose the topic about which you can write the best essay (the 2 topics may not be the same)
c. You may want to begin outlining one or the other
d. You may suggest a different question if you would like

1. Discuss the spectrum of ideas and experiences in the city of Jerusalem. How does diversity affect life in Jerusalem? Organize your essay around 3 specific categories and then give specific examples from the text, readings, movies, and radio programs.

2. Agree or Disagree. The conflict in Jerusalem and the surrounding territories is, primarily, a religious conflict. Organize your essay around 3 specific examples of conflict. Then tell why the conflict is, or is not, the result of religious beliefs and religious identity.

3. Agree or Disagree. The city of Jerusalem is like Washington DC. In this essay, you must discuss whether or not DC and Jerusalem are “holy” and you must discuss what makes them holy. In addition, choose 2 other categories that make the cities similar or different.

4. Is Guy’s portrayal of Jerusalem in his text biased? In this essay, you must discus how “bias” effects “accuracy” and then use several examples from the text to prove your point.

Due 1-9
Decide on a topic and a time-period for your short research presentation due Friday

Due 1-8
Read one of the articles written by Ms. Kurtzer- Ellenbogen
Due 12-19
Choose 2 scenes from Nov and Dec that you would like to discuss.

Due 12-18
The movie is biased. Is it propaganda? Is it true? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of movie which Maya calls "propaganda"
Due 12-15
Choose one symbol from the movie. Explore the relevant scenes and ideas connected to this symbol. How does the director use the symbol to deliver a message?

Due 12-14
Summarize "5 Broken Cameras"
If you need to, use the following format
3 - scenes that are important
2- Questions
1- Comment

Due 12-12
Background reading on "Oslo Accords" to understand p. 103
Check out the wikipedia article to learn the dates and major players in the agreement
Areas A B C

Due 12-11
Read the text of the president's speech about Jerusalem
Due 12-8
If you have the opportunity to engage in a conversation about the capital of Israel, take it!
Due 12-7
No new assignment- review November and December and begin reading January
Due 12-5
Read p. 116 + 138

Week of 11-27
M: Exodus + Bob Marley
T: Religious History and Social Movements- Intro to Zionism
R: Zionism Docs reviewed (Porcelli Out)
F: Guy's discussion of Zionism

Due 11-28
Rewatch: Mountain top
Find the religious references. Look beyond the immediate references to known historical realities to find the parallels with religious history.

Due 11-30
Read Zionism Documents

Due 11-31

Due 12-2

Week of 13-11
M What is Guy Missing?
T Holy Sites + Abrahamic History
R Holy sites and discussion "what if it all is made up?"
F: Porcelli out- IDs quiz and writing

Due 11-13
Wordle of "important places"
Reading- November

Due 11-14
Holy sites- what are the stories? Choose 1 holy site in jerusalem and give a brief (3 min) overview of the site

Due 11-16
Collect important terms from the lecture today. Write those terms in a list.

Due 11-17
Review terms - Porcelli will be out Friday

Due 11-20
Complete November reading and start December

Week of 11-6 in class
M- Important places
T- Reflections on "important places" Ms. Grant visit
R- Back to the book- important places, what's missing

Due 11-6
What is a place or object that is important to you?
Due 11-7
Reflections (2 parts)
a. What was it like to share about your object/ place? What was expected/ unexpected? What was difficult
b. Reflect on others' important places/ objects (what was similar/ different)

Due 11-8
Reflections on Ms. Grant's talk. You may send her follow-up questions if you'd like

Due 11-13
Wordle of "important places"
Reading- November

Week of 10-23 in class
T- John Kerry John Kerry's speech
R- Kerry Discussion and Netanyahu Response
F- Back to the text- sept, oct
Upcoming deadlines - Oct 25 - Meet with a teacher to discuss NYT settlements

Due 10-30
1. Finish October, choose scenes for discussion
2. Mini-research on gaza

Due 10-27
Scenes from Sept and October for discussion

Due 10-26
Finish: John Kerry's speech
Watch: Netanyahu's Response
Then Read: UN 2334
Would you have voted for or against?
Why/ Why not? (OR: what questions do you need to have answered before voting?)

Due 10-24
No new assignment. Make your appointment with a teacher

Week of 10-16 in class
T- Article analysis, graphs, EU Response
R-Telling multiple stories with the same Data
F- Images
Upcoming deadlines - Oct 25 - Meet with a teacher to discuss NYT settlements
Due 10-23
In-depth exploration of text and images
Next week chat with a faculty member- here is the discussion guide

Due 10-20
Look at the first picture in the NYT article sun rising or setting? why? connect to specific textual evidence

Due 10-19

Select 2 images from the article and pair one excerpt of text. What makes these images or this text interesting to you? How are the images and text related.

Due 10-17
1. Article and video 1

2. Shorter Article 2

Week of 10-10 in class (you do not need your books this week)
T: My Land
R: Discussion- My Land
F: Discussion of NYT Settlements article
Upcoming Deadlines: By Oct 25 - Meet with a teacher to discuss NYT Settlements Article

Due 16-10
Begin DBQ- Settlements Article
Questions to consider regarding the article and the movie-
1. Find a few examples of "different stories" or "different perspectives"
2. What factors lead people to tell different stories?
3. Find at least one example of two different stories with the same data. (Give examples from the article and the movie)

Due 13-10
Review NYT settlements article.
Answer Questions

Due 12-10
Finish:This is My Land
PW: myland

Due 10-10
Read NYT settlements article
NYT Settlements

Due 10-6
Shop or no shop 1 paragraph each
What is BDS? Find one pro-BDS image and one anti BDS image.

Due 10-5
Finish September- choose scenes you would like to discuss

Due 10-3
Debates tomorrow- prep your speeches

Week of 10-2 in class
M: debate prep
T: Debates + reflections
R: September discussion + intro settlements
F: Settlements- shop or don't shop
Week of 9-25 in class
M: Cycle of Violence- and themes of the course
Can we empathize with the other?
T: Mapping and outlining
R: Draft outline due: Discussing outlining
F: What decisions did we make? Why?
Upcoming Deadlines: Before Sept 22- complete faculty meeting about Marathon Article
Sept 29: Hard Copy of final outline of "mapping" due in class.

Machsom watch webpage Machsom Watch
Due 10-2
1. Decide if you'd like to debate "security measures"
2. Keep reading in September (you must have finished by Thursday of next week)

Due 9-29
Final Outline of "Mapping"

Due 9-28
Draft outline due

Due 9-26
Listen to the "mapping story" Act 1 (~30 min)

Due 9-25
Continue Reading in September (No new homework - Seniors at 4-H)
What do you think of the wall (video from class)
Due 9-22
What are the controversial issues surrounding Qalandiya and "checkpoints". You should not comment on them right now- simply identify a list of issues. Example "Israel Soldiers: do they have a choice?"

Due 9-21
Listen to "Ice Cream and Tear Gas"

Remember that we will be outlining in class on Thursday so listen carefully.
Week of 9-18 in class
Monday: Intro to September and Qalandiya
Tuesday: Outlining with Ms. Hamm- Security in the West Bank and Israel
Thursday: Ice Cream and Tear Gas discussion and outline
Friday: Security Continued + Reflection on meeting with faculty
Due 9-19
Listen to the radio report we will use in class tomorrow (press play top left)

Week of 9-11 in class
Monday: Israeli athletes- politics + sports
Tuesday: Should they run the Jerusalem marathon in E. Jerusalem? + Discussion of August
Thursday: August continued
Friday: August wrap up + intro Sept

Due 9-18
Reading to the end of "Qalandiya."

Due 9-15
What have we learned so far? Summarize in several paragraphs what we have learned in the first 3 weeks.

Due 9-14
1. Close reading of August. Prepare to lead discussion on at lest 2 important scenes
2. Schedule a meeting with a teacher to discuss the marathon article and issues surrounding the status of Jerusalem.

Due 9-12
Rank the "stakeholders" in the Marathon article. Who makes the best argument? Who is most important? Why?

Due 9-11
1. final intro due
Week of 9-4 In class
Tuesday: documentary and peer editing
Thursday: Discuss first 15 pages- Close reading matrix
Friday: More August + Apple article + Marathon
Upcoming Deadlines: Final Introduction due Monday Sept 11 Marathon Discussion with a teacher Before 9/22
Complete August by 9/12

Due 9-11
1. Final Introduction Due- Hard copy in MLA please.
2. Continue reading "August"

Due 9-8
1. Read one of the two following:
2. Read and annotate:

Due 9-7
1. Work on your introduction using feedback from your peers.
2. Read through p.15 Select 2-3 pages/ scenes you'd like to discuss

Due 9-5
1. Draft introduction due.
2. Prepare for discussion of "secrets" by reviewing notes/ questions/ key terms from the film.

Week of 8-28 in class
Monday: Tools + Intro to Text continued
distribute intro assignment
Tuesday Double: Class Visit R. Benjamin
Thursday: Visit follow-up -
Friday: Porcelli out for Eid al-Adha Film "Secrets"

Upcoming Deadlines: Draft introduction due Tuesday Sept 5- Final Introduction due Monday Sept 11.
Due 9-5
1. Draft introduction due.
2. Prepare for discussion of "secrets" by reviewing notes/ questions/ key terms from the film.
Due 9-1
Write 1-2 paragraphs discussing the themes of Mr. Benjamin's talk.
How did his comments align/ disagree with the themes we have discussed so far?
Due 8-31
Look up/ define key terms from Mr. Benjamin's talk (at least 5)
Identify at least 1 controversial issue/ open ended question from Mr. Benjamin's talk
Due 8-29
1. Look up "birthright" trips. Gather some background information
2. Pre-write questions from Mr. Benjamin
Due 8-28
a. Choose one image or a series of images from the cover or first pages (up to "august") AND
b. Choose one tool "Zoom" or "Color"
In a paragraph (~10 sentences), explore how the author uses the tool in the image(s). Infer/ suggest the message you think the author might have been trying to deliver.
This paragraph will need to be typed eventually. For Monday it can be typed or handwritten.

You may reference the summary

Due 8-25
AH- Gather information about the book
MWA- Gather information about the author
HM + BW- look at the first few pages (up to "august") make observations (what is on the pages) as well as inferences (what could the author mean?)

You will present your findings to the class tomorrow
Due 8-24
Ask someone at home
a. What are the first words that come to mind when you hear "Jerusalem"
b. if given the chance, would you want to go to Jerusalem? why/ why not?

Take notes on their response and come ready to share in class tomorrow