Honors III/IV Latin
Here you will find all the resources and announcements necessary for success in this class.


Thursday, September 21st:
Due Friday:
1. Please read up to pg. 36 (ch. 6) in the Brando Latin story.

2. Please read and take notes on the passive system and on interrogative pronouns in ch. 19 of Wheelock's.

3. Please create and send to me a spoken (in Latin) summary of the first 22 pages of the Brando Latin story.
4. Please watch the following videos:
The Passive Voice
Perfect Passive Tense
The Future Perfect Passive

Wednesday, September 20th:
Due Thursday:
1. Please study for the quiz!

Tuesday, September 19th:
Due Wednesday:
1. Please study for the quiz on Thursday!
2. Please translate the poem located in the ch. 11 packet, on pg. 119 of Wheelock's.

Monday, September 18th:
Due Tuesday:
1. Please make flashcards for all of the Spoken Latin vocabulary we have learned in class
2. Please translate sentences 3, 6, 7, and 11 in Sententiae Antiquae in ch. 17, pg. 143.

Thursday, September 14th:
Due Monday:
1. Please translate The Myth of Io (prepare the Latin to be read and translated by you in class)

2. Please read pg. 21 of Epictetus and add to your philosophy journal:

3. Please read the packet and answer the questions on the back:

Nota bene:
The next quiz will come on Wednesday, September 20th, and will be comprised of the following topics:
1. Relative pronouns
2. All declensions including neuter nouns
3. Spoken Latin vocabulary - weather terms and classroom supplies
4. A translation selection from the translation paragraphs in chapters 11 and 14.
5. 2-3 sentences using relative pronouns to translate.

Tuesday, September 12th:
Due Thursday:
1. Please finish preparing the passage in ch. 14 (Cicero reading) for translation in class
2. Please read and take notes on the relative pronoun section of ch. 17:

Tuesday, September 11th:
Please study for the quiz! The answer key to the practice quiz is attached below.

Thursday, September 7th:
Due Monday:
1. Please read the selection from SPQR and answer the questions on the back:

2. Please create a 2-3 summary of Pluto Fabula Amoris, then record and send to me the spoken version of the summary.
3. Please write in journal your reflections to the following passage from Epictetus:

Nota bene: your quiz is coming on Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 6th:
Due Thursday:
1. Please translate sentences 7 and 11 in the ch. 14 packet of Wheelocks

2. Please translate the remainder of Pluto Fabula Amoris

Tuesday, September 5th:
Due Wednesday:
1. Please translate "Cicero confronts Cataline" on pg. 93 of the ch. 11 packet:

Thursday, August 31st:
Due Tuesday:
1. Please read pg. 11 of Epictetus, "No Blame, No Shame", and write your thoughts in your philosophy journal.
2. Please read up to pg. 15 in "Pluto, fabula amoris", and be ready to translate and answer comprehension questions in Latin.

Wednesday, August 30th:
Due Thursday:
1. Please read the selection from SPQR and answer the guiding questions on the back:

Tuesday, August 29th:
Due Wednesday:
1. Please review the notes on personal pronouns and demonstratives in ch. 11 of Wheelock's:

2. Please translate sentences 1, 7, 8, 10, 11 in Sententiae Antiquae.

Monday, August 28th:
Due Tuesday:
1. Please translate the ch. 4 reading from Wheelock's by sight

2. Please translate sentences 5 and 6 from Sententiae Antiquae in Ch. 9 of Wheelock's (from the packet we received in class)

Friday August 25th:
Due Monday:
1. Please read the prologue to Epictetus' work The Art of Living

2. Please read "Events Don't Hurt Us" (pg. 10) and write your thoughts and reflections about it in your journal.

3. Please translate sentences 1-4 in Exercitationes in your Wheelock's packet.

Thursday, August 24th:
Due Friday:
1. Please complete the Verb Synopsis chart as best you can--use last year's notes, online resources, peers, and personal dictionaries to fill out any areas you are uncertain about.

Wednesday, August 23rd:
Please read the following packet from the Talent Code and summarize the three rules of deep practice into a couple sentences:

Perge fortiter!

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