Dear Students in Mr. Liu's Government, Chinese 2 and Chinese 3/4 Classes:

Please check this wiki every day for your HOMEWORK assignments.

The SYLLABUS for your class is available here:
Government Syllabus (Epsilon, Zeta)
Chinese 2 Syllabus (Eta)
Chinese 3/4 Syllabus (Beta)

For HOMEWORK, please click on the correct date in the calendar below for the homework that was announced on that day (meaning it is due the next day, unless otherwise indicated). Any attachments will be attached to that day's homework. You are still responsible for paying attention to and noting homework announcements made in class. Mr. Liu will do his best to make sure the homework announced in class is reflected in this calendar, but if for some reason he is unable to do so, that does not excuse you from doing the homework announced in class.