Words: http://archives.nd.edu/words.html
Caesar Vocab: http://www.memrise.com/course/761091/caesar-a-call-to-conquest/

Beta Latin II
Monday: No HW due
Wednesday: No class
Thursday: Translate "3 - A Ludicrous Story"
Friday: Record the vocabulary words that you do not know from the reading that I handed out today in the vocabulary section in the middle of the page.

Gamma Latin II
Monday: No HW due
Wednesday: Write out a declension chart 10 times (you may split up the ones you choose, i.e. 2nd neuter 5 times and 3rd 5 times)
Friday: Finish translating,
"3 - A Ludicrous Story"

Epsilon Latin V
Monday: Study synopsis for adduco, 1st person sg.
Wednesday: Quiz 1.4
Friday: Write out a translation for the text that we read in class, 1.5 through essent

Zeta Latin III
Monday: Write a story using the new derivatives

Eta Latin III
Monday: Finish "2 - A Ludicrous Story..."
Wednesday: Translate "3 - A Ludicrous Story"

Iota Planning
Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -