IMG_2509.JPGWelcome to the wikipage for Ms Seid's classes. On this page, you will find some fun memes and the most important documents for your class. In order to stay up to date with homework assignments, you must follow the link to the class calendar. I post classwork and homework on these calendars. You must accept the invitation to use this calendar which was sent to your school email. If you have a smart phone, you can even display the calendar on your phone. As the oldest students in the Upper School, I expect that you be proactive in meeting deadlines and staying on top of your work for class. You can always email me at with questions.

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"Blooms rose" by K. Aainsqatsi
Bloom's Taxonomy provides an intriguing way to look at learning. If you are interested in looking at the complexity of learning and the move from knowledge acquisition to evaluation, please take a look at this beautiful "rose". At Latin, we work consciously to build knowledge, in order that our students eventually achieve at an evaluative level

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All students in AP Literature and Composition and English 12 will study Hamlet in the fall of 2014. As Shakespeare's most-performed play, resources abound. Harold Bloom, noted literary critic and Professor of Literature at Yale believes that "we have no equally powerful and influential image of human cognition pushed to its limits” than Hamlet, adding, only Plato’s Socrates comes close to matching the humanity of Hamlet: “Both think too well to survive.” You can watch his lecture on the subject here. It lasts about 45 minutes.

After Harold Bloom makes your mind explode, watch this video and marvel at the number of references to famous quotes from Hamlet.

Students in English 12 can connect our study of Freud to our study of Hamlet in this excerpt from Freud's Interpretation of Dreams.

VOCABULARY: All students in Ms Seid's classes will be expected to track vocabulary using our class pages at Students will be responsible for the relevant vocabulary lists related to our texts or to the SAT list.

Jack Kerouac; picture courtesy of the wikicommons

Senior Independent Reading Project
Each senior will read one book for independent reading per semester. We will allow some class time for reading weekly, but students may need to take time outside of class to complete their reading, depending upon reading speed, focus and length of the work. Students will read books from this College Board list below. Most of the titles are available in the classroom. Students desiring to read titles NOT on the list may only do so with my express permission.