English 9 -- Delta Δ

Due Monday, 9/25
Read & annotate pg. 89-111
Highlight 3 sentences you find puzzling that you would like to discuss in class on Monday

Due Friday, 9/22
Essay and outline due!
Read & annotate chapters 9, 10, & 11
Read up to the PINK LINE in the article to prepare for tomorrow's Socratic Seminar

Due Thursday, 9/21
Study for Reading/Diagramming Quiz

Due Wednesday, 9/20
Read & annotate chapters 7 & 8
Extra Credit if you can name this band and write it at the top of your quiz

external image Green-Day-American-Idiot-documental-770x511.jpg

Due Monday, 9/18
Read & annotate* chapter 6
*I will check for annotations
Outline for Essay!!!

Due Friday, 9/15
No Homework. Enjoy the afternoon. Perhaps ambulate through a park.

Due Thursday, 9/14
Read Chapter 1 & Study for Reading Quiz

Due Monday, 9/11
Read the Prologue in I Am Malala and write three sentences about what you read.
Go for another 30 minute walk without your phone or music.

Due Friday, 9/8
Study for LBITU Test!!!!!

Due Thursday, 9/7
There, They're, and Their Worksheet
1 paragraph response to someone else's poem. -- What did you like about this person's poem?

Due Wednesday, 9/6
In a paragraph (5 to 7 sentences), discuss one thing you agreed with or disagreed with during our Socratic Seminar today.
If you have not submitted a rough draft, please email me one by Saturday night so I can give you feedback before the final draft due date.

Due Friday, 9/1
Complete questions 1-3 on the back of the article we discussed in class today.

Due Thursday, 8/31
Rough draft of Journey Poem due
Read & Annotate "The Problem With An Almost-Perfect Genetic World" ----> Come to class prepared to discuss this article

Due Wednesday, 8/30
Journey Poem Planner WS
*Again, if you haven't gotten your syllabus signed, you MUST do this. I will begin to take off participation points each day it is not turned in.

Due Monday, 8/28
Vocab WS (second side) Both sides should be completed
Go for a walk without your cell phones or any music.
If you have not turned in your syllabus, please do so by Monday. You will not get hw credit for it but you still must do this.

Due Friday, 8/25
Vocab WS (front side only)
Bring in an independent reading book
Sign and return syllabus

Due Thursday, 8/24
"Letter to me"
Bring The Last Book in the Universe to class.

Wednesday, 8/23
Welcome to English 9 with Mr. Starnes! Also, welcome to 9th Grade.

What do I need to do to prepare for my first day of high school?

Be sure to have read The Last Book In The Universe and bring the book to class!!!!!!