English 9 -- Delta Δ


If you opt for the Full Band assignments, you must also complete the acoustic. Acoustic assignments are mandatory.

There will not be any homework this week. However, there is one last Full Band assignment; it is to complete the entire review packet. If you choose to do this last Full Band, you are choosing the desire for success. Not only will it prepare you for the final exam and help your grade, it will also take you one step closer to where you want to be.

Due Monday, 5/21 LAST HW ASSIGNMENT!
Due Thursday, 5/17
Write 3 sentences and diagram them.

Full Band:
Write 6 sentences and diagram them. Three of these must have more than a subject, verb, and direct object.

Due Wednesday, 5/16
1. Partial Script
2. One Quotation for Justification paper

Full Band:
One-paragraph response: What struck you the most having now read Fahrenheit 451?

Due Monday, 5/14
1. Choose the two topics for your group's project. These must be submitted either by email or on paper.
2. Finish the Ray Bradbury Interview handout.

Due Friday, 5/11
Finish reading to page 147.

Due Thursday, 5/10

Due Wednesday, 5/9

Due Monday, 5/7
Read to page 123 in F451

Full Band:
Write a three-paragraph summary of the reading

Due Friday, 5/4
Read pages 98-104 in F451 and study for the reading quiz

Due Thursday, 5/3
Read pages 89-95 in F451

Due Wednesday, 5/2
Reading questions for pages 81-89 of F451

Due Monday, 4/30
Final draft due.

Due Friday, 4/27
Read pages 76-80 in F451 and study for reading quiz

Due Thursday, 4/26
Read pages 67-71 in Fahrenheit 451 and write a one-paragraph response.
Finish Peer Conferences worksheet.

Due Wednesday, 4/25
If you haven't sent me a rough draft yet, please do so ASAP.

Full Band:
Go for a 30 minute walk and write a one-paragraph reflection.

Due Tuesday, 4/24
Yes, I know we do not have class today. However, your first drafts are due today and should be emailed to me so that I can have feedback for you tomorrow.

Due Monday, 4/23
First Draft of Short Story due Tuesday via email.

Due Friday, 4/20
Finish the group questions.

Full Band:
Answer TWO of the other group questions on the "Meaning of Life" worksheet.

Due Thursday, 4/19
Film questions.

Due Wednesday, 4/18
Letter to Montag/Mildred/Clarisse assignment

Due Friday, 4/13
Finish reading questions for pages 38-45

Full Band:
Finalize your drawings of the Mechanical Hound!

Due Thursday, 4/12
Finish reading questions for pages 29-37.

Full Band:

Due Wednesday, 4/11
Finish reading questions.

Full Band:
Draw a detailed drawing of what you envision the Mechanical Hound likes like. (Must use a piece of 81/2x11 blank paper)

Due Monday, 4/9
1. Read pages 16-21 in Fahrenheit 451
2. Finish any classwork you have not completed from today
3. Study for Reading Quiz on tonight's reading!

Full Band: none.
Due Friday, 4/6
Finish the reading questions for pages 1-7 if you have not.

Full Band:

Due Thursday, 4/5
Pre-reading Worksheet

Full Band:

Due Friday, 3/23
Write a one-paragraph response to TWO of the Socratic Seminar questions. [you will have two paragraphs total]

Full Band:
Write a one-paragraph response to FOUR of the Socratic Seminar questions

Due Wednesday, 3/21
Acoustic: Read and annotate to page 55

Full Band: none.

Due Monday, 3/19
Acoustic: Read and Annotate to page 48

Full Band: Two-paragraph response -- Do you believe Antigone did the right thing by honoring her brother? Or should she have obeyed Creon's decree? Justify your reasoning.

Due Friday, 3/16
1. Finish reading and annotating pages 32, 33, & 34

2. Study for the Reading Quiz tomorrow

Full Band:
Read and Annotate the Aristotle reading and answer the questions that accompany it.

Due Thursday, 3/15
Read and Annotate pages 25-27 of Antigone

Full Band:
Read and Annotate the Aristotle reading and answer the questions that accompany it.

Due Wednesday, 3/14
Read and annotate pages 15-21 of Antigone

Full Band:
Due Monday, 3/12
Watch the YouTube video about Oedipus Rex (link below) and answer the questions in the packet.
Oedipus Rex Video

Full Band:

Due Thursday, 3/8
1. Finish the "The Importance of Burial in Greek Religion" Worksheet.

2. If you did not finish the "Oedipus Rex" questions, those are due as well.

Full Band:
Why do you think Washington Latin believes it is important to read the classics, such as Antigone?

Due Wednesday, 3/7

Full Band:

Due Tuesday, 3/6 --> Yes, we have class today. We are operating on a Monday Schedule this week.

Full Band:

Due Monday, 3/5
Shakespeare Project due.

What you need to turn in (printed and stapled together)
1. Cover page
2. Summary
3. Theme
4. Script
5. One copy of your classroom activity

Full Band:

Due Friday, 3/2
Shakespeare Project due.

What you need to turn in (printed and stapled together)
1. Cover page
2. Summary
3. Theme
4. Script
5. One copy of your classroom activity

Full Band:

Due Thursday, 3/1
Finalize your Shakespeare projects.

Full Band:

Due Wednesday, 2/28
One person must email me the activity your group will be teaching to the class.

Full Band:

Due Monday, 2/26
Individual Script due.

Full Band:

Due Friday, 2/23
Your group's THEME should be complete and shared with me on Google Docs

Full Band:
Choose an excerpt of original Shakespearean text and analyze it.

Due Thursday, 2/22
Your group's summary should be complete and shared with me on Google Docs.

Full Band:
Why do you think we still read Shakespeare? (2 paragraphs)

Due Wednesday, 2/21
Read your assigned ACT of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Write a 4-sentence summary of your act. This is a homework grade and will not count towards your project.

Due Friday, 2/16

Due Thursday, 2/15
Prepare for poem recitations.

Due Wednesday, 2/14
Practice reciting your poem in front of someone for 30 minutes

Due Friday, 2/9
Final Draft due

Full Band:

Due Thursday, 2/8
1) Work on your final drafts
2) Record audio of you reciting your poem 5 times and email the recording to me

Full Band:
Choose a different poem from the POL website and use the 6-step method to analyze it

Due Wednesday, 2/7
Write your poem by hand 3 times

Full Band:
Write your poem by hand 10 times

Due Monday, 2/5
Rough Draft due.

Full Band:

Due Thursday, 2/2
Read chapter 23 and study for reading quiz.

Full Band:

Due Wednesday, 2/1
1) Read Chapter 22 in Things Fall Apart
2) Have your poem selected and bring a printed copy to class
3) Work on your TFA essays

Full Band:
Write a 2 paragraph summary of chapter 22

Due Monday, 1/29
Choose an essay topic and finish reading chapter 21.

Full Band:

Due Friday, 1/26
Write a one-paragraph summary of Chapter 19

Full Band:
Read your Independent Reading book for 20 minutes and write 5 sentences about what you read. Be sure to include the title and author of your book.

Due Thursday 1/25
Journal prompt on page 65 in TFA packet

Full Band:

Due Wednesday, 1/24
Finish questions 5, 8, 9, 10, and 12 in TFA packet (pg. 58-59)
Read Chapter 17

Full Band:
Why is it difficult for the Ibo people to take the Christians seriously? (One paragraph)

Due Monday, 1/22
Finish reading chapter 15 and read chapter 16 in Things Fall Apart.
Bring in an independent reading book.

Full Band:

Due Friday, 1/19
Study for the test!

Full Band:
Complete the study guide.

Due Thursday, 1/18
Study for the Test!

Due Wednesday, 1/17
Read and Annotate Chapter 13 in Things Fall Apart.
Pg. 43 & 44 in TFA packet.

Full Band:
pg. 45, 46, 48 in TFA packet.
*These pages in the packet are challenging. Therefore, you are able to earn up to 30 extra credit points for your responses.

Due Friday, 1/12
Finish reading chapter 11 and write a 2 paragraph summary.

Full Band:

Due Thursday, 1/11
Finish page 40 in your TFA packet
Write your own fable -- 2-3 paragraphs

Full Band:
Write your own fable -- 5 paragraphs

Due Wednesday, 1/10
Finish reading Chapter 10 and complete pages 35 & 36 in the TFA packet

Full Band:
1-2 paragraph summary about Uzowulu's case

Due Monday, 1/8
Read pages 63-86 in Things Fall Apart

Pages 29, 31, and 32

Full Band:
Page 30 in the packet

Due Thursday, 1/4
Finish chapter 6 and complete page 23 in your TFA packets.

Full Band:
Write a two paragraph summary of chapter 6.


Due Wednesday, 12/20
Finish letter to Unoka
Catch up with your packet work -- These will be collected tomorrow

Full Band:

Due Tuesday, 12/19
The full band short story assignment.
Make-up work in your packet.
I'll be collecting your TFA packets on Wednesday.

Due Monday, 12/18
Check PowerSchool for any missing assignments in Quarter Two. You may complete them and submit them to me for some credit.

Full Band:
Keep working on the story!

Due Friday, 12/15
Study for Quiz on Archetypes and Vocabulary for Chapters 1-4
Finish quiz review if you haven't

Full Band: Due 12/18
If you were a character in a short story, which archetype would you be and why? Once you answer which archetype you would be, write that short story in 1-2 pages in length due Monday 12/18. The story can be about ANYTHING you want. This is an opportunity for you to practice your writing. This can only help you. It will not hurt your grade. Have fun with this should you choose to do it!

Due Thursday, 12/14
Before we start reading chapter 5, think about the role of women in society. In a paragraph, what is the role of women in society? What do you think the role of women is in Umuofia?

No Full Band assignment tonight.

Due Wednesday, 12/13
Acoustic: Finish the short response questions (pg. 19 in packet)
Chapter 1-4 vocab (pg. 6 & 7 in packet)

Full Band: Elaborate on your response to the 3rd short response question. Provide an example from your life. How did this experience shape your views on tradition? Is tradition important? Why or why not? 1-3 paragraphs

Due Monday, 12/11
Acoustic: pg. 16 in packet
re-read and annotate chapter 3

Full Band: write a 2 paragraph summary of chapter 3 and complete pg. 16 in the packet

Due Friday, 12/8
1) If you haven't finished the classwork (pg. 7,8, & 9 in the packet), do that.
2) Read and annotate Chapter 2

Due Thursday, 12/7
1) pg. 5 in your TFA packet (proverbs)
2) re-read Chapter 1 of Things Fall Apart & Annotate!

Due Wednesday, 12/6
1) If you earned a 75% or less on you Grammar test, you may do test corrections. These are due on Friday 12/8
2) pg. 2-3 in your TFA packet (Archetypes)

external image Things-Fall-Apart-1000x363.jpg
Due Monday, 12/4
Pre-Reading of Things Fall Apart (1st page of the packet)
Compare and contrast the covers worksheet

Due Friday, 12/1
Study for Grammar Test!
Grammar Packet due
Think about "culture" to prepare for tomorrow's Socratic Seminar

Due Thursday, 11/30
Questions 1,3,4, and 5 on the movie worksheet.
Study for grammar test on Friday!

Due Wednesday, 11/29
Diagramming WS

Have a super rad Thanksgiving break!!!

Due Monday, 11/20
Final Draft Due.
What you need to turn in (printed):
1. Outline
2. First Draft
3. Second Draft
4. Final Draft

Due Friday, 11/17
Juror Trait Packet.
Work on your paper.

Due Thursday, 11/16
Second Draft Due

Due Wednesday, 11/15
Work on your second draft
Email your citations to me in a either a Word Doc or a Google Doc

Due Monday, 11/13
First Draft Due
Complete AND printed outline

Due Friday, 11/10
You must have your sources chosen and cited in NoodleTools by 11:59 pm

Due Thursday, 11/9
Parts III & IV in grammar packet/study guide
Background Research Packet

Due Wednesday, 11/8
1. Choose your court case for your research paper.
2. Work through the Verbs section in your grammar packet.

Due Monday, 11/6
Quote analysis packet due. Prepare for Socratic Seminar.

Due Thursday, 11/2
Work on quote analysis packet
Due Wednesday, 11/1
Write down TWO possible topics or issues you would like to discuss in next Monday's Socratic Seminar. They must be related to 12 Angry Men. Keep in mind that you will be writing a reflection on this. So think of topics about which you are passionate about or in which you are genuinely interested.

Due Monday, 10/30
12 Angry Men Worksheet
Study for Subjective Complements Quiz

Due Friday, 10/27
5 sentence response to the following question:
Are "the slums" a breeding ground for criminals?
Consider the different definitions of "the slums" that we discussed in class.

Due Thursday, 10/26

Due Wednesday, 10/25
Subject Complements Worksheet
Highlight the Stage Directions from pages 11-20

Due Monday, 10/23
Annotated Bibliography revisions due -- only if this applies to you
Two Paragraph Response:
How did you feel about today's Socratic Seminar?
Did your opinion on Capital Punishment change?
What is your view on Capital Punishment after our discussion?

Due Friday, 10/20
Review what we've read so far and fill out what you can on the Juror Packet. TRAITS ONLY.

Due Thursday, 10/19
Study for Court Terms Quiz
Highlight the stage directions on pages 5-10 of 12 Angry Men

Due Wednesday, 10/18
Write a one-paragraph response to the following question:
What biases do you hold? Are there stereotypes that affect the way you think? You may not notice these; think hard.

Due Monday, 10/16
Annotated Bibliography is due today. Hand in a printed to me and share it on Google Drive with me as well.

Due Friday, 10/13
Catch up with your annotating; I will be collecting your books TOMORROW.
Have 1 of your citations complete!!

Due Thursday, 10/12
Re-read and catch up with annotations if you are behind.
Work on your annotated bibliographies

Due Wednesday, 10/11
None. Go for a walk without your phones or music. Bring a book, find a rock, and read.

Due Friday, 10/6
You MUST have your topic chosen before class begins tomorrow. Ms. Hamm will be with us in class tomorrow. Be prepared to take notes!

Due Thursday, 10/5

Write two paragraphs for each answer.

1. We talked today about Western Education and what that entails. What are some aspects of your education that you believe should be universal and not exclusive to Western Civilization?

2. Malala writes, "Fiona told me that over two hundred journalists from around the world had come to the hospital to see me. Except for that one day when I tried to watch the BBC, I hadn't seen the news since I had arrived. But now I understood: I was the news" (Yousafzai 166). You (student) wake up and realize that you are all over the news. What is your cause? What are you fighting for and why?

Due Wednesday, 10/4
Diagramming Worksheet
Read & annotate chapters 29 & 30

Due Monday, 10/2
Come in with THREE possible research topics for the Annotated Bibliography
Read & annotate Chapters 26, 27, & 28

Due Friday, 9/29
Read & annotate Chapters 22 & 23
Create a discussion question for both chapters

Due Thursday, 9/28
Read & annotate Chapters 20 & 21
Study for Quote ID quiz
Create a discussion question for one of the two chapters

Due Wednesday, 9/27
Read & annotate Chapters 16, 17, 18, & 19
Diary Entry assignment

Due Monday, 9/25
Read & annotate chapters 12, 13, 14, & 15
Highlight 3 sentences you find puzzling that you would like to discuss in class on Monday

Due Friday, 9/22
Essay and outline due!
Read & annotate chapters 9, 10, & 11
Read up to the PINK LINE in the article to prepare for tomorrow's Socratic Seminar

Due Thursday, 9/21
Study for Reading/Diagramming Quiz

Due Wednesday, 9/20
Read & annotate chapters 7 & 8
Extra Credit if you can name this band and write it at the top of your quiz

external image Green-Day-American-Idiot-documental-770x511.jpg

Due Monday, 9/18
Read & annotate* chapter 6
*I will check for annotations
Outline for Essay!!!

Due Friday, 9/15
No Homework. Enjoy the afternoon. Perhaps ambulate through a park.

Due Thursday, 9/14
Read Chapter 1 & Study for Reading Quiz

Due Monday, 9/11
Read the Prologue in I Am Malala and write three sentences about what you read.
Go for another 30 minute walk without your phone or music.

Due Friday, 9/8
Study for LBITU Test!!!!!

Due Thursday, 9/7
There, They're, and Their Worksheet
1 paragraph response to someone else's poem. -- What did you like about this person's poem?

Due Wednesday, 9/6
In a paragraph (5 to 7 sentences), discuss one thing you agreed with or disagreed with during our Socratic Seminar today.
If you have not submitted a rough draft, please email me one by Saturday night so I can give you feedback before the final draft due date.

Due Friday, 9/1
Complete questions 1-3 on the back of the article we discussed in class today.

Due Thursday, 8/31
Rough draft of Journey Poem due
Read & Annotate "The Problem With An Almost-Perfect Genetic World" ----> Come to class prepared to discuss this article

Due Wednesday, 8/30
Journey Poem Planner WS
*Again, if you haven't gotten your syllabus signed, you MUST do this. I will begin to take off participation points each day it is not turned in.

Due Monday, 8/28
Vocab WS (second side) Both sides should be completed
Go for a walk without your cell phones or any music.
If you have not turned in your syllabus, please do so by Monday. You will not get hw credit for it but you still must do this.

Due Friday, 8/25
Vocab WS (front side only)
Bring in an independent reading book
Sign and return syllabus

Due Thursday, 8/24
"Letter to me"
Bring The Last Book in the Universe to class.

Wednesday, 8/23
Welcome to English 9 with Mr. Starnes! Also, welcome to 9th Grade.

What do I need to do to prepare for my first day of high school?

Be sure to have read The Last Book In The Universe and bring the book to class!!!!!!