American Government
The Wikispace of the Empire of Liberty

People should not be afraid of their government. Government should be afraid of their people.

The United States is hailed as the greatest country to ever exist on the face of the Earth. The strength and greatness of the United States comes from the strength and greatness of our constitutional republic. It is so important to the future of our great republic that our citizens know what it means to be an American, where we come from, and the legacy that has been left to us by the entire western world. The most dangerous citizen in America is an educated citizen: one who understands their rights and responsibilities as citizens of what Lincoln called "the last, best hope of the world." Our national story and who we are as a people does not begin with our Constitution, nor does it even begin on the battlefields of the American Revolution. The idea that became the United States has been debated, questioned, challenged and fought over not only since the founding of this nation, but it is also an idea that is older than America. From the moment civilization first appeared in the Nile Valley and Mesopotamia, through the battles for democracy between Greece and Persia, and the fight for the empire and glory of Rome; every step up the ladder of science, every masterpiece of the Renaissance, and every voyage of discovery, from Columbus to the first heroic step upon the Moon, has been dedicated to this idea: you are not what you were born, you are what you have it in you to be.

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