Suggested deadlines:
By Oct 21

Complete at least one draft of all the essays

By Oct 14
1. Complete at least one draft of one of the essays
2. make appointments to review your essays with a teacher/ parent
3. Start selecting photos for your application

By Oct 7
1. Meet with your recommenders in person. Ask them to write for you. Tell them they will receive notification in their email.
2. Create a plan for when you will complete the different portions of your application
3. Make sure you understand the directions for each of the essays and sections of the application

By Sept 27
1. Email Ms. Nunn and ask her for a copy of your official transcript.
2. Complete sections 3, 4, 6, and (12 optional)
3. Think about who you will ask for a recommendation
4. Talk with your parents and explore the website with them for parents
5. read the instructions below