Homework assignments

Due Thurs May 21
  • Final presentations (may still tweak afterward)

Due Thurs May 14
  • Decide on a biology topic you'd like to teach about/present on

Due Mon May 11
  • Be at Latin no later than 7:30 am
  • Relax...everything will be alright

Due Thurs May 7

Due Wed May 6
  • Study at least a half hour each night.

Due Mon May 4
  • STUDY! I emailed you the answer key for the practice exam.

Due Wed April 29
  • Transpiration lab report

Due Mon April 27
  • Study quiz on endocrine systems, feedback back loops, signal transduction, etc.

Due Wed April 22
  • Negative and positive feedback worksheet

Due Mon April 20
  • Complete Transpiration in Plants worksheets

Due Fri April 17
  • Make experiment plan (outline form) to test the affect of different environmental conditions of the transpiration rate of pansies.

Due Thurs April 16

Due Wed April 15

Due Mon April 13

Due Fri March 27
  • Discuss the following: (typed and printed, or shared if will be absent)
    • What is it? How does it work?
    • What are restriction enzymes? What do they do?
    • What is gel electrophoresis used for?
    • What have you done in this lab (pg. 11)? I have given you headings below. Please elaborate.
      • 1. Digestion of lambda DNA by restriction enzymes
      • 2. Prepare and fill gel; run gel
      • 3. Stain, destain, and visualize

Due Thurs March 26

Due Wed March 25

Due Mon March 23

Due Mon March 16
  • Complete models of neurons/action potentials
  • Complete "Exploring the New Science of Addiction" using the Utah Genetics website.

Due Fri March 13
  • Study for virus and immune system assessment

Due Wed March 11

Due Mon March 9

Due Wed March 4
  • Finish in-class work, if didn't in class:
    • Concept check 43.1 questions 1, 2, 3
    • Concept check 43.2 question 2
    • Concept check 43.3 question 1
    • Concept check 43.4 question 2, 3
    • Self-quiz questions 4, 5, 6, 7

  • Complete evolution and Immune System FRQ

Due Mon March 2
  • Complete all of Ch. 43 Immune System reading guide

Due Fri Feb 27

Due Thurs Feb 26

Due Wed Feb 25
  • "Racing Extinction" Reflection

Due Mon Feb 23

Due Fri Feb 20
  • Virus Presentation

Due Thurs Feb 19
  • Ch. 18 self-quiz (start pg. 379) # 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 11
  • Check answers. If wrong, write explanation for why the correct answer is right.

Due Wed Feb 18
  • Ch. 18 questions

Due Fri Feb 13
  • Ch. 19 (Viruses) reading guide

Due Mon Feb 9
  • Study for assessment on Mon Feb 9 on regulation of prokaryotic gene regulation (lac and trp operons as well as positive control - Ch. 18) and bacterial transformation (in Ch.20)

Due Fri Feb 6

Due Wed Feb 4
  • Complete the predictions chart (page five of Monday's handout - attached below) for the bacterial transformation results. If you need to do more research, do so! (Note your sources.)

Due Mon Feb 2
  • Control of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes POGIL

Due Thurs Jan 29
  • Activity 18.2: Modeling the lac and trp operon systems... (given in class)

Due Wed Jan 28

Due Fri Jan 23
  • Finish Mutation Presentations (be ready to teach 3-5 min tomorrow)
  • Practice MC and short FRQ on mutations

Due Wed Jan 21

Due Fri Jan 16
  • Finish Translation POGIL

Due Thurs Jan 15
  • DNA structure and replication worksheet

Due Wed Jan 14

Due Thurs Jan 8

Due Wed Jan 7

Due Fri Dec 19
  • Respiration rate (change in volume) in seeds lab report

Due Thurs Dec 18
  • Study for cellular respiration and photosynthesis quest

Due Mon Dec 15
  • Complete data table (have to do calculations) and all the laboratory questions! (If lost paper, see link below)

Due Thurs Dec 11

Due Wed Dec 10
  • Answer short FRQ (Trees and carbon dioxide)
  • Read first sample answer to absorption FRQ
  • Note: Assessment on CR and P on Wed Dec 17

Due Mon Dec 8
  • Complete Floating Disk Lab packet
  • Complete Photosynthesis POGIL
  • Complete Absorption Free-Response Question

Due Thurs Dec 4

Due Wed Dec 3

Due Mon Nov 23

  • Complete Oxidative Phosphorylation POGIL

Due Fri Nov 21

  • Complete Glycolysis and Kreb Cycle POGIL

Due Thurs Nov 20

Due Wed Nov 19

Due Mon Nov 17

Due Fri Nov 14

  • Dialysis tube/osmosis inquiry lab report

Due Mon Nov 10

  • Write procedures and hypothesis for your dialysis tube/osmosis inquiry lab

Due Wed Nov 5

Due Mon Nov 3

Due Fri Oct 31

  • Triple Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the structure of plant vs animal vs bacterial cell. Can use "Cells Alive" website as resource.

Due Thurs Oct 30

  • Take at least 15 min to write down and categorize all the words/concepts related to cells you can think of without using resources. (Let's see what you remember!)

Due Wed Oct 29

  • Catalase efficiency lab report (see rubric below)

Due Mon Oct 27
  • Phylogenetic Trees POGIL

Due Fri Oct 24

  • Have typed hypothesis, procedures, and data table for enzyme activity lab
  • Lab report due Wed Oct 29

Due Thurs Oct 23

  • Define all words from Origin of Life concept map that did not know well/at all. Suggestion: add a picture to help you remember more.

Due Wed Oct 22
  • Complete phylogeny free-response question. Written or typed in complete sentences. Cite all sources.

Due Mon Oct 20

  • Questions based on Ch. 25

Due Fri Oct 17

  • Watch the following three videos. Complete the questions for the first two (see handout).

  1. What Darwin Never Knew (PBS)
  2. Origins: How Life Began with Neil Tyson DeGrasse (PBS)
  3. Origin of Life Episode One with David Attenborough (BBC)

  • If done early start reading The Survival of the Sickest (green and yellow cover on counter closest to Nigel's tank

Due Wed Oct 8

  • Finish wrap-up questions on Monday's worksheet
  • Construct a cladogram

Due Mon Oct 6

Due Thurs Oct 2

  • Read over the handout with answers for test questions 19 & 20

Due Wed Oct 1

  • Write down question or trend you observed from data and map given in class on Monday
  • Read Malaria booklet

Due Mon Sept 29

Due Fri Sept 26

Due Wed Sept 24

  • Complete guiding questions for Thursdays assessment

Due Mon Sept 22:

  • Complete rest of Selection and Speciation POGIL

Due Fri Sept 19:

  • Selection and Speciation POGIL pages 1-4

For reference: Ch. 24 concept map

Due Thurs Sept 18:
  • Complete Hardy Weinberg Test Questions Practice worksheet

Due Wed Sept 17:

Due Mon Sept 15:

Due Fri Sept 12:

  • Finish calculating Hardy-Weinberg from goldfish lab
  • Complete Hardy-Weinberg practice problems

Due Thurs Sept 11:

Due Wed Sept 10:

  • Study for Ch. 22 & 23 quiz (no Hardy-Weinberg, at least for now...)

Due Mon Sept 8:

Due Thurs Sept 4:

  • Complete concept word with "Evolution" at the center and the following words. Be sure to write connection on the arrows.
    • Natural selection
    • Adaptation: inherited characteristic of an organism that enhances its survival and reproduction in specific environments
    • Environment
    • Genetic variation
    • Mutation
    • Species
    • Population

Due Wed Sept 3:

Due Fri Aug 29:

  • Signed syllabus and Flinn safety contract

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  • Effervescent tablet lab report. Must be typed and printed.

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