Due Friday 5/29
1) Questions for host family
2) Favorite classes and why you like them
Due Thursday 5/28
Review Personal Characteristics and Fear + Hope
Pre-write the section of your letter "describe yourself and your physical characteristics and personality" + "Describe a hope and a fear about Arabic"

Due Tuesday 5/26
EXAM 6/2 11 AM
A. Make a list of topics you remember studying this year

B. Read the exam instructions

C. Make yourself a study schedule for the next week
The schedule should include:
-What topic(s) will you review each day?
-How long will you review each day?
-What will you do to review (flash cards/ reading/ writing/ listen to the news/ write sentences/ work with a friend etc.)
-When (specifically) will you plan to review?

Due Thursday 5/21
Complete the reading or listening section of the AAPPL- MAX TIME 1 hr.
Thursday (listening)
Due Tuesday 5/19

Complete demo:

Read Topics and Listen to Tips video
Due Friday 5/15
Reread the text and listen to it.

Due Thursday 5/14
Read the new text and answer the questions. Title the paragraphs as you read

Due Tuesday 5/12
Re-read text and listen to the recording. Record your voice reading out-loud
Due Monday 5/11
Read text and listen to the recording. Write the vowels on the text.
Due Friday 5/8
Re-read fairouz article
Listen to an repeat the article and read aloud. Make a recording
Due Thursday 5/7
2 paragraph response to today's teaching experience
a. Your reactions - What was it like teaching others?
b. Your conclusions- What did you learn about yourself as a language learner? What lessons can you derive to become a better language student?

Due Tuesday 5/5
1-5 words to look up. Choose words that will help you unlock sentences. Make sure you know WHY you have chosen a particular word. ("I don't know it"- is not a sufficient reason)
Due Monday 5/4
Answer reading questions for Fairouz
Due Thursday 4/30
1) Find a fairouz song on youtube and listen to it
2) Re-read Amru Diab Article
a. Listen to the recording on the web
b. Write the short vowels
c. Record yourself reading the first paragraph

Due Tuesday 4/28
Read New Article and Scan for Words you know:

Listen and read out loud

Due Monday 4/27
Read and translate paragraph 1
Due Thurs 4/23
Definitions (in arabic) of the words you looked up today in class

Due Tues 4/21
List of song vocab words in Arabic
Read Wikipedia in Arabic on your artist
Due Monday 4/20:
write the most important vocabulary from the song you present in class in both Arabic and English.

Due Friday 4/17:
research a song from the Arab world, you will need to present the song with lyrics and explain the most important vocabulary.

Due Tuesday 4/14:

Write at least 5 new vocabulary words from the song we have discussed in class, in order to present them next class.
Song link:

Due Friday 4/10
Write a full description (1 paragraph) of one of the holidays we have discussed in class

Due Thursday 4/9
Write a headline in Arabic about 1 of the two holidays we explored today in class. The headline can be about ancient stories or modern celebrations.
Example: "Moses goes to Israel from Egypt" or "Jews eat bread without yeast!"

Due Friday

Read the song ya rayah

Listen to a news story

Due Thursday 3/26
Listening to the news
Due Tuesday 3/24
1) Translate one headline from English to Arabic. Focus on using the words you know (as opposed to literal translation) and drop details that are less important
2) Read a few headlines in Arabic.

Due Thursday 3/19
A new headline translated from English to Arabic
Continue your comparison between English and Arabic news sites. Compare Al-Jazeera ENG to Al-Jazeera ARB

Due Tuesday 3/ 17
Gather your assignments about the Op/ Ed- Due tomorrow
Find one English headline and translate to Arabic- focus on: where is the story, what is the subject
Due Monday 3/16
Following our conversations about the Emir of Qatar and his article, what questions do you still have?

On Wednesday, you wrote in response to the following prompt:
C- In your opinion, what is our role/ responsibility/ obligation as Arabic students, as americans, as youth, as global citizens, as...?

Following our conversation, how has your opinion changed? What would you say our role is?

Due Friday 3/13
1) Read your classmates' writing and respond directly to what they wrote. Be sure to quote what they are saying, explain in your own words, and react.
2) Respond to paragraph 6.
A. The author says hopelessness "knows no state or religion". Is he saying that there are similarities between the "terrorist threat" and the problems in the US and Europe? How, in his opinion, are they similar/ different?
B. Do you agree that the same cause- hopelessness- is responsible for the societal ills seen in certain parts of the M.E. and certain parts of Europe and the U.S.? Why/ why not?
C. Is it fair to draw similarity between the "terrorist threat" and the problems in Europe in America? Why/ Why not?

Due Thursday 3/12

1. Find quotes to support the bullet points offered in class today.

2. Write a response to the article including
A- what aspects of the statement need more explanation? What do you agree with? What do you disagree with?
B- What does the author say our role is?
C- In your opinion, what is our role/ responsibility/ obligation as Arabic students, as americans, as youth, as global citizens, as...?

Due Tuesday 3/10
React to your classmates' opinions quoting the article

Due Friday 3/6
Other articles describing the Emir's visit.

Due Thursday 3/5
Response to OP-ed-
Quote the text and respond
-What does the author mean?
-What is the context of what he is saying?
-Do you agree/ disagree?
-What are some alternative views?

Due Tuesday 3/3
Prepare a headline for class

Due Monday 3/2
Read OP-ed on my wiki home-page
Due Friday 2/27
Headline for class

Due Thursday 2/26
Choose a new article. Try to choose an article about which you think you have background knowledge. Read the headline and follow the process we have been practicing
Due Tuesday 2/24

1) Pick a headline from online news and analyze the headline according to the process we used in class
-Where is the story?
-Who is the subject?
-What is the action/ event being described? Use context to make a list of possibilities.

2) Discover and Add 3-5 new vocabulary words to your list-

Due Monday 2/23
Read the headlines on the back page of your packet. Decide where each story is taking place.

Go to al-jazeera and add 3-5 new vocabulary words to your list

Due Friday 2/20
Discover 5-7 vocabulary words on this site

Due Tuesday 2/17

Use context to discover the meaning of the section titles. Write them down.
Due Friday 2/13
Review vocabulary for newspaper and make sure you have written sentences/ defined the words
Read corrections on your holiday description

Due Thursday 2/12

New vocabulary- sentences or definitions.

Due Tuesday 2/10
1) Submit typed, corrected description
2) Outline/ study for 2nd description- in class tomorrow you will write a new description

Due Monday 2/9
Typed, corrected description of a holiday

Due Friday 2/6
Corrections and continue writing adding new sentences to your description
Due Thursday 2/5
Description of an American Holiday/ Tradition (5-7 sentences)
-Choose a Holiday
-Use "min" phrases to describe its elements

Due Tuesday 2/3
Arabic definitions for vocabulary
Due Monday 2/2
Review Holiday vocabulary
Quiz Monday!

Due Thursday 1/29
Complete adjectives drill from your book. (worksheet distributed in class)

Due Tuesday 1/27
5 Noun Adjective pairs
Due Monday 1/26
Course evaluation
Electronic copy of Charlie Hebdo reaction

Due Monday 1/19
Study holiday vocabulary. Write a description of a holiday tradition in the US

Due Friday Jan 16
What does the "je suis charlie" sign mean? Why is he holding it?
Why is he crying?
What does "all is forgiven" mean?
Who is forgiving? Who is forgiven? What is forgiven?

Due Wednesday Jan 14
Chose 3 verbs and write 5 sentences for each using new vocabulary

Tuesday, January 13 @230 meeting for advanced language students (level 3 and above) during Eta. Please dismiss to the MPR @ 2:25
Before Tuesday, reflect on the following:
1) What are your specific short term and long term goals for learning a language?
2) In what ways do you think learning Arabic is an asset to you, your community, and your career?
3) Do you think everyone should learn a language? Why/ Why not?

Our guest is Ms. Monique RoskeShe teaches translation at UMD and has a side business for training and testing high school students who can earn college credit for proficiency in a heritage language. She also lobbies on behalf of JNCL-NCLIS the National Council for Languages and International Studies. Its mission is to ensure all Americans have the opportunity to learn and use English and at least one other language.

Due Monday Jan 12
Study holiday vocabulary

Due Friday 1/9
Reflect on your mini-research about holidays in the Arab world.
In a several paragraph response, write about the following questions:
We live in a world saturated with information.
-How do we respond to the information we have access to?
-What are the limitations of the information that is available
-What strategies can we apply to sift through the information we have?
What did you focus on during your research?/ What kinds of information did you value?
Due Thursday 1/8
Follow up on your research about the holidays- prepare your work for display
Check out:
New Year in Dubai

Due Tuesday 1/6/2015
Choose a country in the Arab world and find information about the holidays in the Arab world.
You can use pictures, video, FB posts, tweets, foods, dishes etc. to describe the holiday.
Find your info on the embassy websites, social media, wikipedia, or using several targeted google searches.

1) How do the Arabs celebrate:
-New Year?

2) What is "Mawlid"?

Due Friday 12/19
Watch the video:
Follow-up to Jack's presentation:

a) Email a question

b) check out the web

c) think and write about how leadership and communication connects with your work at school and in Arabic
New vocabulary-
5-7 sentences
Full conjugations

5 Everyday verbs you would like to know from Usttadh Shehab
Write a short story
5-7 sentences using different forms of "kana"
Description of your break (5-7 sentences)
Description of partner's break (3-5 sentences)
Write description of your vocabulary words in Arabic
Sentences and Descriptions due tomorrow in class
Quiz in 2nd part of the class (Write sentences and define words)

Write sentences and practice vocabulary- quiz next week

Vocabulary from presentation
Come to class with your updated work.
SK, CR- Typed summaries (work on google doc)
JC- Practice vocab and update letter
BH- Recipe

Specific work plan for tomorrow
What will you accomplish? How will you spend your time?

Continue work on your project- emails, vocabulary lists, schedules
Type your email and continue work on your project

Due 30-10
Continue drafting your email and type what you have written so far. Be sure to list any new words/ phrases you need to know.

Due 28-10
Add 3 new elements to your email


(التاريخ (م ، ه


Due 27-10
Write a draft of your email to Mr. Shehab in Arabic
Record the words that you need to know.

Due 23-10

1. Answer the questions that your classmates asked and continue thinking about your project

2. Respond to letters C and D on the notes from today "welcome ideas"

C. What do you need to know?

D. WHat needs to be accomplished?

Due 21-10
Brainstorm: What do we need in order to accurately describe out school?
Brainstorm: What do we need to be able to do to welcome the new Arabic teacher?
Due 20-10
Write 5 positive and 5 negative characteristics of our school. Explain WHY they are positive/ negative and give an example

Due 16-10
Write a few (3-7) sentences about your positive characteristics
Then write a few examples using the phrase- "for example"

Due 10-10
Questions for Ustaadh Shehaab about his personal characteristics

Due 9-10
DRAFT of self-description graphic organizer (FINAL COPY DUE NEXT WEEK)
Must include
-personality Adj (including some that you are: sometimes, always, usually, never)
-body adj
-word(s) you looked up

Arabic definitions for vocabulary
Write 1 word definitions (in Arabic) for each of the characteristics
Outline your graphic organizer of your personality traits. List the characteristics that you will use.
Write down any words that you would like to know.
Quiz on characteristics later this week

Can we change our personality traits?
Assuming we can change, are we obligated to acquire positive characteristics?
Where/ how do we change? How do we learn what is positive and what is negative?
Today in class you divided the adjectives into positive attributes and negative attributes.
How did you choose which traits were positive and which were negative?
What makes a trait positive or negative?

If you would like, you can preview the group of questions we may discuss Thursday

Make flashcards
Study vocabulary
Add to list by writing words you would like to know

New Vocab *personal description
Think of an example for each adjective and use it in a sentence.
Careful listening. Bottom section

Careful listening
Introduction Listening

Create 7 sentences by combining subjects with لان

Describe why you selected your "favorite class, hardest class, easiest class".
صفي المفضل
اصعب صف
اسهل صف

Re-write story of the "mushkila" that happened to Mr. P "ams"

الخميس 9-11
1) Write more questions about the schedule. Try to use every question word.
2) Write responses to each of the questions you wrote for Homework last night.

REMEMBER: Typed Break/ Class descriptions due Thursday!

Due 9-9/ 10-9

A. 5 questions about the Arabic schedule
-Look at the schedule. Ask 5 questions the we can answer by looking at the schedule

B. 5 "why" questions.
-These questions can be about anything as long as we can answer them with fairly straightforward language.

Due 8-9
Complete typing your break description, classes and hopes and fears
...هذه السنة
...صفي المفضل
...اصعب صف
...عندي واجب كثير في
Due 5-9
1) Write the classes you are taking this year
2) Combine Break Description, Classes this year, and Hopes and Fears to create a single document.
3) Start Typing
Due 4-9
1) Photo(s) for break description
2) Conjugation practice. Choose at least 2 verbs. Write several (3+) sentences for each verb using different subjects. Show that you know how to conjugate verbs in the past tense using different subjects.
3) (optional) Typing practice

PW: Alpo4435

Due 2-9 الثلاثاء
Revise break descriptions adding new details and more sentences.

Due 29-8 الجمعة
1) Write a description of your classmate's break using 3-5 sentences and the past tense verbs

2) Continue to add to your "Know/ want to know" list
Due 28-8 الخميس
1) Add to your break description using more expressions. Add 3-5 new sentences.
2) Continue to add terms and phrases in to the "know/ want to know"

Due 27-8 الاربعاء
1) Re-write hopes and fears in Arabic (include others' hopes and fears)
2) Alpha ONLY: Record "know" and "want to know" notes.
--> Bring break descriptions to class tomorrow

Due الثلاثاء 8-26
1) Review Syllabus

2) Sign Photo Release and Syllabus

3) Write a short description of your break in Arabic

Typing Practice?
PW: Alpo4435