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Week 11
More Work on the Scottsboro Boys Research Paper
We began reading an article that can act as a second source for your research paper!

Here is the article, without the annotations:

Once we are done, I will attach with all the annotations we came up with. For now, though, here are the words and definitions we highlighted so far:
Scottsboro Boys Trials Gale Student Resources Article Vocabulary.jpg

Week 10
Writing Research Papers
This week, Ms Hamm will help us get going on these papers! We've done some research, watched some evidence, and had some great discussions. Now, it's time to put all of that on paper. Let's go! As the week goes on, I'll upload more resources to help you!
Here is the outline we created today (Tuesday, October 28th, 2014). You all should have this, or something very similar in Noodle Tools!!
Scottsboro Boys Research Outline.jpg

Week 9
PBS Documentary - Scottsboro: An American Tragedy
As we get ready to write these research papers, we will spend the week watching this documentary film about the Scottsboro boys. Once our packets are finished, I will upload mine, with all the correct answers, but take notes while we watch!!

Weeks 6, 7, & 8
We've been looking at some more situations concerning the law, trials, juries and discrimination.
Here's some more vocabulary!
Miranda Warning - You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be sued against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided at no cost to you. Do you understand these rights, as they have been presented to you?
to "mirandize" a suspect

Week 5 (9.22 - 9.26)
Still working through prepping for 12 Angry Men!
Here's some vocabulary we have seen:
court trial
jury trial
double jeopardy
no contest

We spent a few minutes today talking about Structural Racism. Here are the definitions we saw:

The systematic distribution of resources,
power and opportunity in our society
to benefit white people and exclude
people of color.

Societal racism refers to racist attitudes within a society.
Also called structural racism, in that substantial numbers
of people from minority backgrounds have been excluded
from taking part in social institutions.

The picture below from class, shows how we broke these down:
Structural Racism.jpg

Week 4 (9.15 - 9.19)
In preparation to begin the next reading, 12 Angry Men, we will begin speaking about JUSTICE, and what this looks like, or doesn't look like in our society.

In today's class we began looking at justice. Here is what we came up with:

Week 3 (9.8 - 9.12)
"If who I am, is what I have, and what I have is lost, then who am i???"
We will look a great deal at the above quote this week, and focus on the intangible things about us that make us who we are.
Bring your participation!! :)

Week 2 (9.2 - 9.5)
1. Here is the second set of roots we attacked this week

2. We also took a look at some of the uses of commas. Study them!!

Week 1 (8.25 - 8.29)
Great work this week, folks!! Please find some important documents:
1. Class Syllabus - Remember that I do not usually give home work...this class is here to build your skills, and support you. If I do assign homework, PLEASE DO IT!!

2. First set of Roots - These are the first set of numerical roots we covered in class. If you missed your notes, find them here!!